Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have taken the patently unfair step of deleting every comment made in the previous post in order to make a point. I will not allow the comment section to become uncivil. Electronic schoolyard bullies will not be allowed to "play".

I thank those who make constructive and often pointed remarks; they add value to the discussion. From now on I shall excise only those comments that do not follow common sense rules of decency.

Thank you once again.


  1. Hellasious, do I see you over at the Oil Drum? Here is a Hellasious who posts there.

    I love your sight. Brevity is the soul of wit and pictures speak a thousands words. I'm very cliche today.

  2. Yes, you do. I actually "started" there before moving into my own "quarters" about 18 months ago.

  3. H

    Dead right !!
    I am all in favour of vigorous debate, but occasionally it oversteps the line. Good to see you drawing that line.


  4. There's possibly enough traffic on this site to begin moderating comments.

  5. Wheew, I didn't check the blog one day and look what happened!

    Well, I'm with you Hell for keeping the sanity on your blog.

    Look forward to your insights.



  6. Tanta (over at CR) has to knock heads together every so often too. It's a symptom of growing readership. You are wise to nip it swiftly and firmly.

  7. I think it is growing impatience with opposite view (my way or highway attitude) rather than growing readership.

    ...and I am sure this comment will disappear, like the other ones asking about why peak oil and lack of futures premiums for later-dated crude futures are consistent.

  8. greenie,

    You think that contango or backwardation is predictive of prices or, worse yet, physical supply of a commodity in the future? If it were only so simple...

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