Friday, September 4, 2009

Tangential Inferences

August marked the 20th month in a row of job losses in the US, bringing the total to 7 million fewer people at work since January 2008 (data from BLS).

Non-Farm Payrolls

According to the Green Shoot Brigade (Bernanke, Dow Jones, et. al.), however, the economy is on the mend.

Uhhh.. based on what data, exactly? That (dJ/dt), the slope of the curve above, is becoming very, very slightly less negative?

Ok then, I have a question: where are the new jobs going to come from?


  1. Not only are there no new jobs, the slope you refer to will soon resemble a straight vertical line down.

    Joe M.

  2. Hell, no problem, we have plenty of work and it seems others just keep giving us more. ;-)

  3. Hellarious,

    The job are going to come from the same place all the other jobs have derived from. Technology...just as once there was a story of the a computer that could do all..there had to be someone who knew how to run and fix the computer. Just as there was once a story of cars with electric powered windows, air and gps..there had to be someone who knew how to build, and fix that kind of car.
    Go where the newest technology is...and don't stop training. The young adults who are entering college or trade school look at what is the talk of the everything, different energy cars, health care facilities for the baby boomer..retrain and look to the future.

    A Baby Boomer

  4. Dear Anonymous, get a grip. Look at the financial numbers and trends for this society--its awesome dude.

    Growth industries? Criminal justice system, military, health care. Not very productive.

    We had our future sold from under us by craven politicians.

    Obama does not seem capable of bold strokes, to push for investment into(greener)energy and mass transit, which is exactly what this country needs right now. And to stop the BS with bailouts.

    We wasted our treasure on foolishness in Iraq and Afghanistan, and keeping afloat the stinking corpse of the financial industry. Not to mention the drag of our "health" and prison systems.

    Welcome to ScamNation anonymous, latch onto to one of those aforementioned "to big to fail" industries, and hunker down for a rough decade (if we are that lucky).

  5. Paul Craig Roberts thinks there's plenty of potential in this field:

    "Older Americans can look forward to the continuation of this war for the rest of their lives, while their Social Security and Medicare rights are reduced in order to free up funds for the US armaments industry. Bush/Cheney and Obama/Biden have made munitions the only safe stock investment in the United States."

    As for re-attaching pinky tips; tosh, there's tons more money in organ trafficking (with color photos for the young at heart):

    Original Article

    English Translation

    You have to think big Thai if you're ever going to fund four kids through college.

  6. Oooh I'm too squeamish to look at links about organ trafficking, remember Daddy was a forensic pathologist and I got enough vicarious experience to last me to the end of my days.
    You guys sound like you're suffering from terminal cynicitis, a deadly disease which makes the mind turn to mush, the hands to fall stupidly and uselessly at the sides, etc etc.
    Yoyomo that was really rather... PROVOCATIVE, your comment to Thai, by the way.
    And now to be on topic (whew), keep your chin up, Hell. Things ARE going to get a lot worse, probably, but... it will be challenging for people to learn how to use their brains once again, and to rediscover community because we won't get through it without a new committment to community.
    (And, once again, I PRAY that there won't be an ecological bubble...)

  7. ...And right now there's someone like Henry Ford, or Thomas Edison in their garage, or out in their driveway working on some new invention that will go into the next century. It's not over yet...just some very big bumpy roads that will lead to a different tomorrow...growth. Think outside of the box ...that's how America got where is was, and where it is now...for the good and bad.


  8. anonymous, dream on.

    back then, what was the distribution of hugh government debt, public assistance programs, working mothers, absentee fathers, daycare centers--peers raising peers, girls [and moms] wearing provocative low cut skin tight blouses and hip hugger jeans, guys glorifying the gansta life style with their thigh huggers and off center wide brim caps, tattoos, obesity? face it, revelry is a lot more fun to the masses than creativity.

    ...but then, all it takes is one ford or edison, so maybe there is hope.

  9. Between 1995-2000, everyone was going to work writing software and designing web pages. FAIL

    Between 2001-2006, everyone was going to work selling real estate and writing mortgages. FAIL

    Now, everyone is going to work being a nurse or health care administrator. How do you think that will turn out?

  10. If organ theft is too gory for you Deb, there's always child trafficking:

    "The dispute over the fate of the children has already exploded into violence. In 1994 Rabbi Uzi Meshulam and 40 Yemenite followers protesting over "the sale of 4,000 Yemenite children" in the 1950s, armed themselves with sub-machine guns and..."

    And lest you think I'm just dredging up ancient history, according to the (admittedly pro-zionist) documentary "In Satmar Custody", it's still happening and not in Israel but in Brooklyn. (sorry but the only link I could find to this video is in Hebrew)

  11. Relax, yoyo, you don't need to convince me on this one... I'm already on your side...
    or hadn't you noticed ???
    But, there's just so far I can get excited and outraged about the human rights violations in Israel, while our own human rights violations are already so... abysmal and shameful to my mind, and I have been harping on them for over ten years now... (Yep, they've been going on for much much longer, but minus 10 is when I got active about it.)

  12. Yo, is your point that people who do this kind of things are going to keep me busy and Marcus in bankruptcy unless Hell reduces his consumption or the Chinese continue to deny their own parents health care while they loan us money so that their young men today can fight over the few women left in their society tomorrow? (in which case I probably would agree with your assessment)

    Or is your point that the Jews do this kind of organ stealing thing more than everyone else and therefore require "containment"? (in which case we might have a little disagreement)

    Care to clarify to everyone else? ;-)

  13. Glad to Thai,
    My point is that people who subscribe to a text that explicitly instructs them to value the lives of non-adherents as less than human would have few qualms about exploiting others to the point of exterminating them (read up on the fate of Amalek or anyone considered the equivalent of Amalek) and expropriating their land (or organs).

    Obviously there are plenty of people who do the above things without subscribing to the text in question but having such an instruction manual does affect the percentage of people who would feel comfortable engaging in such practices and a particular community's reaction to them:

    Example One:

    "In 2003, a medical conference showed that Israel is the only country in the world in which the medical profession does not condemn stealing human organs and does not act against those involved in such a crime. On the contrary, and as was revealed by a Dagens Nyheter report on December 5, 2003 and the Aftonbladet report of August 17, 2009, prominent doctors in major Israeli hospitals steal and transplant organs routinely."

    Example Two:

    "Equally disturbing, the doctor behind the plunder of body parts, Prof Yehuda Hiss, appointed director of the Abu Kabir institute in the late 1980s, has never been jailed despite admitting to the organ theft and he continues to be the state’s chief pathologist at the institute."

    As for containment, I'm against the containment of both people and knowledge; I'm simply sharing some factual info and you're free to make of it what you will but I would point out that:

    A) it is the people of the text who are containing people behind walls and barbed wire (I know, I know, it's an inconsequential point to most sympathizers of the text and not very polite to bring up in front of the children)

    B) it's the same crew that's trying to contain modern scientific knowledge from all the unworthies.

    The truth may be inconvenient at times for some people but it will always set somebody free so spread it around.

  14. Geez, yoyo, I'm not committed to the text, but I happen to think sometimes that keeping scientific knowledge from the unworthies would be a good thing..
    Come to think of it, not only keep scientific knowledge from the unworthies, but... keep scientific knowledge from the scientists themselves because... some of them are woefully unworthy. (This is evident, because there is no reason to believe that doctors and scientists are any more SAINTLY than anybody else in the population...)

  15. Yo, I will interpret your response to mean "more than everyone else" unless I have misread you.

    So does this viewpoint apply to all religious text worshipers or does it just apply to the particular adherents to that particular text (i.e Jews)?

    How about we run through a list of "text" followers shall we?

    Do any "text followers" of the following groups also believe their texts: "explicitly instructs them to value the lives of non-adherents as less than human (and) would have few qualms about exploiting others to the point of exterminating them"?

    1. Christians?
    2. Orthodox Christians?
    3. Muslims?
    4. Hindus?
    5. Atheists?
    6. Other "text" follower groups I might have missed that you care to lump in??

    Or again, is it just the Jews who are doing this kind of thing in a higher percentage than everyone else?

    Help me clarify so that their is no misunderstanding, would you?

  16. Thai, Yoyoma, Debra,

    may I request your help me link the relevance of organ theft and US job market?

  17. Debra,
    The question is who gets to decide who the unworthies are, people such as Rabbi Dwek?:

    " Rabbi Israel Dwek, the spiritual leader of the Sephardic Jewish community in the wealthy Monmouth County suburb of Deal, took to his pulpit on Saturday to cite the Talmudic Law of Moser that prohibits a Jew from informing on another Jew to a non-Jew. Rabbi Dwek then renounced his son, Solomon Dwek, the failed real estate developer whose 2006 indictment on bank fraud charges motivated him to cooperate with federal prosecutors in a sting operation that led to the arrests of 44 individuals on Thursday. The group included three mayors, two state legislators, a multitude of local officials, and several Rabbis. As explained to, Rabbi Dwek will sit Shiva for Solomon Dwek, observing the Jewish custom of mourning for an immediate family member who has died."

  18. Anon,
    Follow the cash and see how much of it is leaving the country and not just simply for organs, but the whole package deal, and from whose pockets it's coming and into whose it's going.

  19. Thai,
    Although Christians (especially since 1500AD) and Muslims have committed crimes against other groups on varying scales, I don't know of any passages in either the New Testament or the Koran that encourages or justifies the taking of innocent life or property. Even the tapes from Bin Laden always use western violence in the ME as justification for retaliatory attacks, never the fact that the west is Christian.

    On the other hand, there are a not inconsequential number of Talmudists/zionists who feel doctrinally justified in their acquisition of the land in resorting to such tactics:

    "At 3pm on Wednesday, 16th April, the mutilated body of 15 year old Hammad Nidar Khadatbh was found in lands of the illegal Israeli settlement of Al-Hamra by his father, who was out searching for his missing son.

    Hammad had left the house at 9am on Tuesday, 15th April to work on the family’s land, located near the stolen agricultural lands of the settlement.

    Hammad’s body was naked, bloated, and tortured. His neck was broken, and his face had been smashed in with rocks. One finger had been cut off and there were multiple holes in his torso, seemingly made by a sharp, round implement - something like a pen, his family explained.

    Approximately three years ago a 78 year old man, Mohammad Abu Oday, was killed when settlers from Itamar settlement destroyed his head with large rocks. Another young man was also shot dead by settlers, and five others have been injured whilst attempting to pick their olives.

    Interestingly, these attacks elicit no repercussions on the settlers by the Israeli military such as are inflicted upon Palestinian villages in similar, or even lesser situations."


  20. You also very predictably ignored the not insignificant point that no action was taken against an admitted organ thief (it's good to know that there are some things I can always count on you for).

    In how many countries would a confessed organ thief remain chief pathologist at a major (or minor) public institute? I guess certain textual interpretations couldn't possibly have anything to do with such a lackadaisical attitude to other people's body parts.

    Here is a non-talmudist Jew's view on the matter.

    WRT to Vedic doctrines, I can't comment because, other than cremation and reincarnation, I don't know much about it although, as a community, Hindus don't seem to have much of a problem of every-so-often offering gratuitous (though unsolicited and decidedly premature) cremations to a few Christians and a larger number of Muslims in the spirit of communal harmony.

    Atheists by definition have no doctrinal texts and are at the disadvantage of having to justify their actions rationally without the resort to "God said I could".

  21. Anon (and Hell), my apologies. I allowed myself to yet again be drawn into this.

    Re: Job

    This was my original point. In particular I was struck by the irony of a story where someone agitating for health care reform would increase total system costs for you and I and the people he was ostensibly protesting for.

    This seems a classic conservation issue imo. Either we conserve our behaviors (e.g. conserving energy), and consume less (health care) resources, or we don't.

    If we don't, there will be a lot more jobs for people in health care- the only problem of course is finding the resources necessary for these new jobs.

    Hell has said over and over that the solution to this mess is focusing on improving energy efficiency or utilization. I agree AND think his recommendation need additional emphasis in the area of human social interactions/behaviors/lifestyle as it is clear that reducing the costs of expensive behaviors is also very much a form energy conservation.

    ... And again, I am sorry to be temporarily drawn into Yo's obsession with Jews as somehow being responsible for a disproportionately greater share of human social friction energy consumption than everyone else on this planet. I hope you understand that I sometimes find this view a little offensive and occasionally bordering on anti-Semitic; I do understand he does not see it this way and that he is entitled to his views.

    Let's please move on

  22. I don't know of any passages in either the New Testament or the Koran that encourages or justifies the taking of innocent life or property.

    If you read careful enough you will notice that "innocent" is a rather flexible and tenuous term that is always interpreted in such a way that the mad prophets and their followers gets full justification for lootin' and massacring!

    .. Bunch of poofs all of them religious nut-jobs. Djengis Khan f.ex. did not need divine permission from "the voices" to live out his desires!

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