Tuesday, May 1, 2007

On Strike

This is May 1st, Labor Day in most of the civilized word. It is an established holiday, but by tradition it is called a general strike - So, I'm on strike too. Well, to be perfectly honest, I have also smacked on that proverbial writer's block wall, so international labor solidarity is a perfectly adequate excuse to take the day off.

But don't let that stop anyone of you from suggesting topics, articles and factoids in the comment section below.

Bloggers of the world, unite!


  1. Happy striking!

    In FInland, May 1st is a general carnival of students and workers. Drinking, singing, all that fun stuff - on a national holiday.

    So, I am about to join friends in singing etc.

  2. Re suggested topics: 1) "value" investing -- is it just foolish/has it been so for some time?
    2) given that so many linked and moving parts of the investment system are new and untested in crisis, can one evaluate the soundness/safety of the house(s) behind ETF's?

    Enjoy your festa!

  3. great site , keep up the wonderful work

  4. What I would like to see is your forecast on what's coming.

    As you know, my web site makes no bones about the fact that we're headed for a major international financial crisis, a repeat of the 1930s Great Depression, massive bankruptcy, starvation and homelessness, destabilized governments, and world war.

    One could logically reach similar conclusions from some of your postings, and yet you always stop just short of reaching the obvious conclusions.

    Perhaps you fear the fate of Andy Xie, who got fired from Morgan Stanley for being a bit too "negative."

    So, now that you've laid out all the problems, what is your forecast of what's coming?



    John J. Xenakis
    E-mail: john@GenerationalDynamics.com
    Web site: http://www.GenerationalDynamics.com

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions.

    I will be taking them up on upcoming postings.