Sunday, December 16, 2007

Santa, Baby...It's Ben, Again

Santa, Baby you're unfair. Where's the rally? And what's with all these coals you stuffed down my woolly credit stockings, even before I had a chance to hang 'em, proper like, in front of the marketplace? ... C'mon baby, where's you holiday spirit? Ho, ho, ho?

Allright, I admit I haven't been a good boy. I have plagiarized... Cut and Paste, Cut and Paste. But Alan did it, too, and you brought him gifts... Stocks 'n' bonds 'n' houses, all shiny and bright... Maybe I'm a bit Goofy, maybe I haven't thought things out all the way. But please, Santa, just this year? Please, please, please?

All I want for Christmas is for two big banks, my two big banks, my own two banks... to stay sooooool-vent!


  1. (Yeah verily - 'tis the season for ye ol' Eggnog Breakfast).

    Crazy Post, Hellasious - Merry Christmas!!

  2. Snark! The Herald Angel sings...

    Bonuses for Wall St kings
    Investment banks that could go under
    Garments rent and torn assunder
    Fa-ll la la la la la....

    Leaky SIVs and broken bucks
    All because they're greedy f*cks
    Too bad if you missed the bubble
    Now we're all in deep, deep trouble
    Fa-ll la la la la la....

    House prices are falling nigh
    Mortgage equity run dry
    Home Debtors all in a panic
    Forclosures becoming manic
    Fa-ll la la la la la....

    Take it away boys.

  3. Someone who is better at this stuff than me needs to do a parody "Jingle Mail" to the tune of Jingle Bells.

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