Friday, September 25, 2009

Food Stamps At Record

The number of people on food stamps reached a record 35.1 million in June 2009, up 21% from last year and +33% from the end of 2006. That's almost 12% of the entire population of the United States, the highest percentage since the food stamp program began in 1969.

People On Food Stamps At Record High

As part of Obama's fiscal stimulus plan, benefits have been raised significantly. The average participant now receives $133 per month, up from $101 last year; the cost of the program presently annualizes to $56 billion vs. $34 billion last year and $30 billion in 2007.


  1. as gov't officials would put it: 12% of americans voluntary opted to participate in the gov't sponsored SNAP program(supplementary nutrition assistance program). this represents the highest participation rate amnongst all voluntary gov't programs and makes it an instant success.

  2. How are the rules for food stamps?

    To get social security in Denmark, you are not allowed to own anything "larger" than basic furniture and a television - or (appear to) be living together with someone who does.

    Is the US different?

    Is it possible in the US to have a relatively nice life on food stamps, provided one has the necessary trade skills to have a "cash-only" business on the side to pay for the extras ...

    .. Or is is really bad??

  3. Dear Fajensen,

    The basic eligibility requirement is for gross income not to exceed 130% of the poverty level.

    For example, for a family of 4 this means no more than $2,400/month.

    There are also asset restrictions, e.g. no more than $2,000 in the bank, etc. Interestingly, an automobile is not counted if it is used as a home. Honest.

    For more info see here:

  4. Regarding food stamps:

    The great decline of living standards here in Freedom's Land will not be televised, though it is getting decent coverage on the internet. As such, any day now expect the growing assault on (what is essentially) a free internet to increase. Can't have the frog notice that it is getting slowly, but inexorably, cooked.

  5. Tear gas, sound weapons and rubber bullets were used in Pittsburg today on peaceful protesters. Camouflage-clad goons seized a protester and took him away in an unmarked car.

    These scenes could be played in an endless loop with news coverage a la Tiannamen Square - but not in America.

    The class war is going to get ugly as the military is turned on the American people to retain control and seize a larger share of a shrinking pie.

  6. And all doing wonders for our nations escalating health care bill ;-)

  7. Well, that's to be expected, because you must admit that USA today is not really that somewhat idealised 'land of the free' from ages ago. Especially since the 90ies the amounts of hypocrisy, lies and corruption have been pretty staggering, to say the least.

  8. But... did the land of the free ever exist outside of the imagination of the FF, alias Enlightenment thinkers ?
    Were all those settlers "free", or were they... LAWLESS ?

  9. So food stamps count as "fiscal stimulus"; who knew? Would these people not eat otherwise?

    Tear gas, sound weapons and rubber bullets were used in Pittsburg today on peaceful protesters.

    A clip I saw showed some "protestors" throwing rocks. Which is dangerous. If "peaceful protestors" are around when that sort of thing starts happening, they ought to clear out.