Monday, October 29, 2018

Merkel To Retire

Following yesterday's abysmal results for Merkel's CDU in the regional Hesse elections (down 11% from previous polls) she is said to have declared her decision not to seek re-election as her party's leader in its upcoming congress.

Austerity and fiscal propriety are eroding fast, the Greens and AfD are big winners.

Europe is changing fast.

and PS Bolsonaro won in Brazil.  Reactionary Populism is gaining all over the world... (sigh).


  1. Your Greek enthusiasm earlier this year was a bit premature eh?

    1. It certainly was, if you look at Greek bank shares. However, Greek govt bonds are doing ok and the overall economy is growing, albeit in a rather anemic fashion (2%) and even that comes from a low base. A lot more reforms are needed to boost growth, definitely.