Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Green Debt

After a suggestion by reader Aristophanes I did a little digging around and discovered the Climate Bonds Initiative.  It is a non-profit that certifies and tracks bonds issued to fund "green" projects and initiatives, e.g. wind and solar farms, etc.  It  has an impressive list of funders/backers, including very heavy guns like the Rockefeller Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, HSBC, the UN, Shearman and Sterling, the Swiss Federation, etc.

Basically, their aim is to mobilize the enormous power of the $100 trillion global bond market to foster climate change solutions.

Right down my alley, in other words (smile).

I really like this notion of an  "environmental rating agency" a parallel to the traditional credit rating agencies (S&P, Moody, Fitch, etc.).  According to their site, $186 billion in green bonds have been issued so far in 2019 and they have officially certified some $32 billion of them. 

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  1. This is great Hell! Thank you.

    For interested readers here is a list of the Climate Certified Bonds: https://www.climatebonds.net/certification/certified-bonds

    You see prominent names such as Bay Area Rapid Transit and Porsche on the first page.

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  3. Hell, would it make sense to have a brokerage house that deals solely in "Green" or climate investments? Such a brokerage house could have a non-conflicting connection to rating agencies like the Climate Bond Initiative. This would enable research and investment capabilities on one site, providing seamless experience for interested investors.

    1. It would make great sense to establish a "green only" investment bank providing full services dedicated to this segment. Great idea ;)

  4. this is great! i really apreciate it. a good research and searching for this article. thank you to post it to your blog. it would be visible to everyone. thank you for sharing

  5. Got anything to say Hells? History is in the making here in the bond market.