Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Signs Of The Times

Short post today... markets continue in LaLaLand mode despite ever increasing COVID cases, choosing to focus instead on the eventual future economic rebound to be fueled by the trillions of added Fed money. Crucial to this expectation is that COVID will soon, very soon, subside.  But, it isn’t, and there are signs of that out there.

Flash back to February.  Despite few cases reported outside of China, the release of the new James Bond movie was moved from April to November.  You bet it wasn’t by accident or “excessive” caution.  When it comes to hundreds of millions in revenue, people make sure they know the facts.

Yesterday, Google announced that it will have ALL its employees work from home until  at least  July 2021.  You think they know something?  You bet they do.

As for 007... Despite the old movie, You Only Live Once, so be cautious and wear your masks my friends - be safe.


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  2. It's like wanting to get rid of the common cold virus, impossible. And they're both transmitted in the same way. Until an effective treatment or vaccine is widely available, and that's nowhere to be seen in the short term.

    1. IMHO markets are acting as if the only treatment necessary is the Fed 😂😂