Thursday, May 12, 2022

Introducing HARIX: The Hellasious Appetite for Risk Index

Just for fun, today I'm introducing HARIX the Hellasious Appetite for Risk Index.  (It's pronounced  hairy-x, for obvious reasons.. har, har, har:)

In a totally unscientific and arbitrary (-ish) way, it is calculated as the sum of the capitalizations of  Bitcoin, Tesla and GameStop.  Below is a chart tracking it from 1/1/20 to today.

The Hairy Ride Of HARIX Up... And Maybe All The Way Down?

HARIX rose almost tenfold within just a year from 1/1/20, and has now corrected 40% from the top. 

 BUT!! It is still up 550% from when its wild ride started in  2020.  My opinion? Don't go bargain hunting, don't attempt to catch a falling knife.

Also... here's a recent ad from one of the world's premier yacht brokers:

Spend your Crypto on Superyachts! 

You can now secure charter bookings and purchase vessels in our fleet using Crypto currency.

To which I counter with....


  1. cool man! ... btw, is there a chance that is everything crashes, Musk might end up the poorest man in history... as in a negative billionaire...

    wet dreams of a financial nerd eh... =)

    1. He has margined his Tesla stock holdings to raise cash to buy Twitter. So... yeah he could. He must already be receiving margin calls.