Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Tesla Stock Price: One Picture, A Thousand Words

 Today, one picture only and zero commentary.  But feel free to post your own comments, please.

Tesla Stock Price Chart 

Some price points for historical reference:

May 2019 $12

May 2020 $55

May 2021 $220

November 2021 $412 (all time high)

Now $216


  1. Well, the stock was added to everyone's portfolio at $231.67/share when it joined the S&P 500 club. There was no opt-out option!

  2. Need a logarithmic chart to properly analyze these parabolic offshoots. Hopefully it comes crashing down again, musk really needs/deserves to be brought down to earth again. Guy's a greedy little piggy.

  3. Looks pretty toppy (H+S) in log scale too :)