Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Lineup

I don't know why, but the following picture from Reuters strikes me as hilarious.  It must be the fact that these guys are all being sworn to tell the truth. Uh-huh..

 From The Goldman Sachs Congressional Testimony

Oh, and notice the IDENTICAL 6-inch thick binders in front of each.  Words fail me, but what need have we of words when pictures speak so eloquently. 

PS Think the guy on the right is a Trekkie?


  1. Oh so true, ROFL. How handy that some of Goldman's crowd are doing God's work, so they must be pretty safe in their knowledge that no lightning will strike them anytime soon.

  2. Just WHAT are they swearing ON, pray tell ??...

  3. Just WHAT are they swearing ON, pray tell ??...

    The tax payer and their children, the suckers of last resort.

  4. This morning on hearing the way the Greek crisis is playing out I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY THAT I HAVE NO WORDS AT MY DISPOSITION TO EXPRESS MYSELF.
    We are such a wimpy species.
    We have the intelligence of fruit flies on certain things (while telling ourselves lots of cute lies while we're at it).
    We have made ourselves the slaves of our symbolic systems, i.e. fiat money, and the machines too while we're at it.
    NOW we are going to take several pounds of flesh from the Greek people in order to pay... the Euro currency, and the vultures that are circling around it.
    You heard what I said.
    I don't know what needs to happen to.... "dégraisser", shall we say... DEFLATE our inflated symbolic systems in order to introduce a little air into our civilization's lungs.
    Some people may think that our inflated symbolic systems are working just fine for us.
    Not me. Not at all...

  5. The guy on the left is a red shirt. :)

  6. Hehe. And not one of them has his jacket buttoned. No class.

  7. Ah shtove... what a nice comment.
    You're absolutely right.
    Those guys look like...extras for a Hollywood sitcom.
    Reminds me of the time when...
    My husband's aunt wanted to show us Monaco, and insisted on taking us to Loew's, the American brand casino that looks like a carbon copy of a Vegas jaunt.
    The only thing that interested me was... l'Hotel de Paris, across the street, the nice QUIET place where crowned heads used to lose their money, where money remained well confined within a certain code of elegance that had nothing to do with nouveau riche garishness....
    I think that Hitchcock filmed scenes from "To Catch a Thief" there, with Grace Kelly (but I may be wrong...)
    Beautiful, l'Hotel de Paris in Monaco...
    And the guys button their coats, and the ladies dress for dinner, still, don't worry...