Saturday, November 12, 2022

We’re Sorry If You’re Starving, But…

 The iconic Harrod’s of London decided to go all out this Christmas and, in cooperation with Dior, transformed itself into a giant ultra luxury gingerbread house bedecked with thousands of lights showcasing products that are far beyond the reach of even the merely rich, never mind the middle class. 

The manager of the store said - on camera! - that he’s truly sorry for those Britons that are in trouble, but Harrod’s only caters to the 0.1% of the ultra rich. Never mind being socially incredibly deaf and blind, a supersize retail establishment like Harrod’s cannot long survive with the custom of only 68.000 Britons plus some visiting tourists. I mean, if you are one of other 99.9% do you now feel welcomed? Do you really want to set foot there, even if only to buy a trinket? Is the Harrod’s brand now one that you want to be associated with?

The fact is that a whopping 25% of all Britons, some 20 million, cannot afford to heat their homes this winter: for them, it’s heat or eat. Yet, the 0.1% store says they’re truly sorry.  Like Dickens’s Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol, 20 million cold and underfed Britons could crowd outside and stare at the store windows in wonderment. Hopefully, they won’t decide to start throwing bricks.


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  2. buy when everyone is afraid... well, ok... I dare you. =)

    1. Two time-tested rules:
      1. Pissing against the wind gets you a face full of piss.
      2. Catching a falling knife gets you slashed hands.

  3. I think china has just made the decision to print... everyone who holds cash within the Chinese system will die... I am not sure if holding assets will prevent death though... here it goes... the full dress rehearsal is starting...